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15 Best Podcasts for Bloggers in 2024

Looking for some best podcasts for bloggers? Sure, why wouldn’t you? Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn new things about blogging or to simply keep up to date with whatever’s new in the blogosphere.

The idea 💡 is that you get to learn from other people’s experience and perspectives, which can push your blogging career to the next level. Whether you are an experienced blogger or are just starting out, there are a number of benefits to listening to blogging podcasts.

For example, you’ll learn new technologies and methods that’ll make your work easier. You’ll pick up best practices to help you achieve your goals. But most importantly, you’ll get the opportunity to listen to experts and their opinions on blogging.

What follows is a curated list of 15 best podcasts for bloggers available on the web. We’re confident that they will help you push your blogging career further!

Just one note before we begin: you’ll notice that some of the podcasts we’ve featured haven’t released new episodes in a while. While a bummer, obviously, this doesn’t take away from the value that’s hidden in their catalogs of past episodes. We still encourage you to browse through those and listen through some old but gold podcasts.

Best podcasts for bloggers in 2024

👉 Here are the top podcasts for bloggers in no particular order:

The Blogging Millionaire

The Blogging Millionaire podcast provides advice for bloggers on how to grow their traffic and make more money through their blogs. The show features lessons and strategies that bloggers can utilize to expand their reach. With over 250 episodes, the content in The Blogging Millionaire is meant for both experienced and novice bloggers.

This podcast covers a variety of topics and offers different strategies. These include how to increase the number of posts you publish and how to optimize pages on your blog. The Blogging Millionaire also covers matters that are outside content creation, such as content and email marketing, and overall business growth.

The Blogging Millionaire is one of the best podcasts for bloggers to listen to.

All in all, The Blogging Millionaire is a content-rich podcast for bloggers, with enough episodes to get you from zero to making money.

How They Blog

How They Blog is one of these podcasts for bloggers that stopped producing episodes a couple of years ago. However, the over 30 episodes in the catalog still offer plenty of value. From their description, the podcast offers lessons and inspiration to help bloggers make an impact.

The podcast itself is owned by Kat Less. It features a mix and mash of episodes that cover different topics that are geared toward helping bloggers grow. When it was still active, she hosted interactive sessions with various guests who shared their views on growing as a blogger.

How They Blog Podcast logo

Some of the topics provide you with an insight into different aspects of blogging. These include guidelines for content planning and relationship building with other bloggers. You’ll get answers to different how-to questions as well. For example, how to turn any blog topic into a business, how to create email gifts, and much more.


HerPaperRoute is dedicated to empowering content creators, helping them build successful businesses and earn more money. The podcast is one aspect of an online platform created by content monetization expert Chelsea Clarke, who specializes in helping content-based businesses scale up through affiliate programs, course creation, and more.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurial success, from mental wellness to email marketing to how to create and flip niche websites. Some episodes feature Chelsea herself offering advice, while others feature interviews with successful content creators.

HerPaperRoute podcast logo

If you’re looking for a podcast that will help you with many different aspects of running your business – and improving your life as an entrepreneur – HerPaperRoute is a great choice.

Do You Even Blog

Do You Even Blog is owned by Pete McPherson, and it’s meant for bloggers, podcasters, and online business entrepreneurs interested in growing their online presences.

It features more than 250 episodes where McPherson covers a variety of topics such as SEO, affiliate marketing, and monetization of digital products. Also, there are a variety of guests on the show who provide insightful takes on different aspects of the blogging journey.

Unlike most podcasts where episodes tend to be the same length, Do You Even Blog gives itself a bit more freedom. This means that you’ll come across both bite-sized episodes and longer ones.

Do You Even Blog is among the best podcasts for bloggers to learn from.

We’re talking episodes as short as four minutes and some as long as half an hour. Regardless, there’s plenty to gain from each one!

Niche Pursuits Podcast

The Niche Pursuits Podcast is all about how to create a successful business based on one or more niche blogs. It’s hosted by business strategy and SEO expert Jared Bauman.

A quick look through recent episodes shows that there are two main types of episodes: profiles of successful bloggers and other niche business owners, and detailed guides to highly specific aspects of SEO. There are also occasional business news episodes about relevant topics like OpenAI.

Niche Pursuits Podcast logo

If you’re looking to improve your SEO skills and learn from the best of the best, this podcast is a great choice. You’ll also love this podcast if you’re seeking inspirational stories from those who have already succeeded in the niche(s) you’re interested in.

The Ultimate Blog Podcast

Hosted by long-time professional bloggers Amy Reinecke and Jenny Draper, this podcast aims to help new bloggers build a solid foundation for a successful blogging business.

Most episodes focus on specific aspects of blogging. For example, how to budget for your blog and how to leverage digital products. You’ll also find episodes about how to navigate life as a freelance professional, how to prepare to leave your day job, and more.

If all of that isn’t enough for you, The Ultimate Blog Podcast also brings on guests for interviews and case studies.

The Ultimate Blog Podcast logo

The link we’ve shared above goes directly to Spotify, but you can also find The Ultimate Blog Podcast on Apple Podcasts and other podcast networks.

AskPat 2.0

It’s hard to beat Pat Flynn when it comes to how prolific he’s been in terms of releasing episodes. There are over 1,200 of them in the catalog as of now. Just wow! Granted, AskPat is not only about blogging but touches upon topics related to running a business online, promoting it, and loads of other things.

The idea behind this podcast is that in each episode Flynn takes questions submitted by the listeners and answers them as coaching calls.

The topics he covers include blogging, internet marketing, audience building, online business, SEO, email marketing, and anything else that any person running a business online might be interested in.

Ask Pat 2.0 is among the top podcasts for bloggers to listen to.

If you, by any chance, want to learn how to stay consistent with your blogging journey, AskPat is the right place to be.

Market Your Message

The Market Your Message podcast is dedicated to people who want to discover, pursue, and develop their passion through blogging. It is owned by professional blogger, Jonathan Milligan, and it features over 100 episodes on varying topics related to blogging.

Some of the topics Milligan covers include lead magnet examples, automation using popular and modern technologies, and proper planning for your blog. What’s more, the podcast features guests from different backgrounds who answer questions and offer their own advice.

Bottom line, the topics covered on this podcast seem to cater to different kinds of creators, including beginners who aren’t quite sure where to start on their blogging journey.

Market Your Message Podcast logo

Tell Me Your Business

The Tell Me Your Business podcast (originally called Just Keep Blogging) is meant for bloggers who intend to turn their blogging career into a business centered around their writing. It’s owned by Kim Anderson who also runs a consulting company for people looking to grow their writing careers.

The podcast promises writers a regular dose of adrenaline. This loaded promise translates to helping aspiring creators gain success in online business through blogging, content creation, digital products, and self-publishing.

This seems like a lot, but the podcast seems to live up to its promise with around 100 episodes.

Tell Me Your Business is one of the best podcasts for bloggers to learn from.

Tell Me Your Business also features guests who cover different interesting topics for bloggers from different genres. Some of the topics include branding your website, building positive habits around writing, creating business goals, and much more.

ProBlogger Podcast

ProBlogger is owned by Darren Rowse, and it’s been the most popular online publication about blogging for years. It caters to a whole spectrum of bloggers, ranging from novices to old hands who have been in this market for years.

You’ll notice that there haven’t been any new episodes lately, however, this does not make the past podcasts of any lesser value.

Rowse does a great job of helping his listeners build compelling content, market it, and build engagement. This also helps you make money off your blogging work.

Become a ProBlogger Podcast logo

The podcast also features interviews with different guests who provide guidance and insight on a range of topics that relate to blogging in one way or the other – such as building a lifestyle around blogging, and more.

Thrive Blogger & Influencer Podcast

As the name suggests, the Thrive Blogger & Influencer Podcast is made for bloggers and, yep, influencers.

The podcast is owned by Bree Pair and it covers a variety of topics. These include working with brands, marketing strategies to build engagement, social media, and much more. With more than 200 episodes, there’s definitely plenty of information to benefit from.

Thrive Blogger also promises to provide listeners with tutorials, workshops, and a community to help them grow their blogging careers.

Thrive is one of the best podcasts for bloggers to listen to.

Like the other podcasts for bloggers on our list, the Thrive Blogger & Influencer Podcast’s value comes from different avenues. You will come across advice from experienced bloggers, social media experts, productivity experts, and more.

The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

As you can see by the title of this podcast alone, it is owned by Jillian Leslie, an online business leader. The podcast has close to 100 episodes. In each one, Leslie interviews other successful bloggers and experts from both the entrepreneurship and online business worlds.

These interviews are meant to equip listeners with the latest strategies for thriving in the digital space. Topics covered in each episode include personal branding, building a readership around your blog, profitable niche blogging, and much more.

Blogger Genius Podcast logo

Theory of Content

Theory of Content is one of the few podcasts out there that managed to make an impact despite not producing too many episodes in total. The podcast is owned by Joshua Unseth and Amber Bracegirdle. It has only 69 episodes, but this isn’t particularly a flaw, since you can actually quickly get through the whole catalog.

The hosts cover a variety of topics related to blogging, SEO, and how to find your way in the ever more crowded blogging space. They also invite guests from different backgrounds to answer questions, tell stories, and offer advice on things to do with blogging. These are some great conversations, which many bloggers will find insightful.

Theory of Content Podcast logo

The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast

Travel blogs are one of the most profitable types of blog. If you’re looking to get into this lucrative niche, you want to be listening to the Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast from the creator of the successful travel blog Jessie on a Journey.

This podcast features episodes on how to build your business through social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, how to write more effective blog posts, and more. Much of the advice comes straight from Jessie’s experience running a successful blog. This is mixed with occasional interviews with other successful travel bloggers.

The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast logo

The advice isn’t only helpful for travel bloggers, either. You can find useful tips for success in any blog niche on this podcast. However, if you are a travel blogger, you’ll be able to get even more from this podcast.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Also known as the Amy Porterfield Podcast, this podcast shares advice from the creator of a multi-million dollar online course business.

You’ll find all types of business advice on this podcast. This ranges from time management tips to content creation strategies to networking advice. You’ll also find case studies of success stories and interviews with successful content creators in a variety of niches.

Online Marketing Made Easy podcast logo

Two new episodes are released every week. Plus there are hundreds of previous episodes to go through. This makes it a gold mine for ideas on how to improve your blogging business.

What’s your pick among these best podcasts for bloggers?

Clearly, there’s a lot you can learn 👨‍🎓 from listening to any of these podcasts for bloggers. While the topics are all similar – from blogging to SEO, to productivity, to making money – the delivery is always different with each podcast. Therefore, it’s wise to listen to at least a handful of them. This way you can find the ones that speak your language and resonate with your current goals and approach towards blogging.

Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for 🔎 new ideas or just want to listen to 🎧 someone who you can relate to. These episodes offer something for bloggers of all levels.

If you’re getting ready to launch a new blog soon and could use some straight-to-the-point advice, then definitely check out our blog launch checklist and our rundown of blogging best practices.

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