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5 Unique Blog Niche Examples

Starting a blog can be an exciting project that stimulates your creativity and even makes you money. However, there are already more than 600 million blogs online. Therefore, you might be looking for unique blog niche examples to help you choose a particular focus for your site.

Fortunately, there are many ways to take a general blogging idea and make it your own. When you hone in on a specific target audience within a larger niche such as fitness or travel, you can make unique content that provides value and ranks highly.

In this post, we’ll explore five unique blog niche examples and why you should consider creating content that covers one of these topic areas. Let’s get started!

1. Home fitness

Fitness is an enormous industry, both online and in-person. It spans everything from physical gyms to home workouts and even fitness accreditation.

More specifically, focusing on home fitness can be an incredibly lucrative blogging niche. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this niche has grown exponentially and is predicted to be worth $14.74 billion by 2028. Since more people work from home and many gyms have capacity restrictions, the demand for at-home workouts and equipment has skyrocketed.

You can even focus on a sub-niche within home fitness to reach a more specific audience. For example, Nerd Fitness provides themed workouts for self-proclaimed “nerds”:

Nerd Fitness, a unique blog niche

You can adopt a similar approach by targeting your fitness content toward specific age, gender, or interest group. Then, you can design specialty workouts, show people how to build home gyms, give general advice, and promote affiliate products.

2. DIY and crafts

DIY and crafts are two topic areas within an overarching niche. You might find them appealing if you’re creative or you like to work with your hands. It’s not a bad option, since the arts and crafts industry is currently worth around $45 billion.

There are so many subsets within the craft niche. Therefore, it’s worth focusing your efforts on a particular style. That way, you can create in-depth guides and articles with specialized techniques instead of generalized content. Some blogs specialize in skills such as sewing or crocheting, while others prioritize specific materials.

For instance, Upcycle That teaches readers how to turn trash into treasure with projects that use scrap materials to create beautiful works of art:

Upcycle That

DIY and crafts can be an intensive blogging niche, because many readers will want to see step-by-step instructions with illustrative images. However, the investment can be worth it if you build your readership and stand out in your sub-niche.

3. Accessible travel

Travel is another prolific industry worth approximately $4.26 trillion worldwide. It’s also a great blogging niche for monetization. That’s because you can make a profit from brand sponsorships, paid trips, and affiliate recommendations.

However, it’s also a highly competitive blogging market. Therefore, you’re unlikely to gain traction within the niche by writing general travel guides and promoting products.

Fortunately, there are many sub-niches within travel blogging that you might have better luck with. One of those is accessible travel, which focuses on advice for travelers with specific needs or limitations.

For instance, Wheel the World concentrates on accessible travel tips for people in wheelchairs:

Wheel the World, an accessible travel blog niche.

There are also similar niches, such as blogs for LGBT travelers, people with visa restrictions due to their nationality, and travelers with mental illnesses. By zeroing in on these micro-niches, you can appeal to smaller but more invested audiences.

4. Sustainable living

Sustainable living is another broad topic. It focuses on environmentally-friendly living that minimizes pollution, prioritizes harmony with the earth, and encourages reduced consumption.

This may be a wise choice, since sustainability is a rapidly growing area of interest. In fact, Google’s Consumer Insight data found that 82 percent of consumers think about sustainability while shopping.

Since you can put a sustainability lens on most things, you can easily focus on sub-niches. Going Zero Waste, for example, promotes sustainable practices such as recycling, eco-friendly practices, and reducing your carbon footprint:

Going Zero Waste, a sustainability niche blog.

Alternatively, you could focus on other micro-niches, such as growing food in urban environments, making your own beauty products, or reviewing ethical brands.

This niche offers multiple opportunities for reviewing products and making sales through affiliate links. Moreover, sustainable products tend to be more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts. Therefore, you can quickly make a solid profit from these commissions.

5. Personal finance

Finally, personal finance is another blog niche example that could be worth pursuing. It teaches readers how to better manage their money, make investments, save, and achieve their financial goals.

Personal finance is a highly lucrative niche, forecast to be worth $1.69 billion by 2030. Furthermore, since money is an essential tool for most people, there is a diverse readership that you can appeal to with business blogging.

For example, the Clever Girl Finance blog focuses on women-specific tips for budgeting, saving, investing, and making more money:

Clever Girl Finance, a finance blog niche example.

You can appeal to your own audience by focusing on people with limited finances, specific locations, or investment styles. You might even create and sell online courses and e-books to supplement your blogging income.

Keep in mind that you’ll need some industry or personal experience to make a name in this blogging niche. You’ll also want to ensure that your advice is factual and comes with a disclaimer if you’re not a finance professional. Otherwise, you could put yourself at the risk of lawsuits or readers simply not trusting your content.

Final thoughts on unique blog niches

Starting a blog presents an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences and make money from your website. However, you’ll first need to choose a topic area to shape your content. Therefore, it’s worth researching the top blog niche examples for inspiration.

To recap, here are five of the best unique blog niche examples:

  1. Home fitness
  2. DIY and crafts
  3. Accessible travel
  4. Sustainable living
  5. Personal finance

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