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Best Blog Niches: 5 Topics That Set You Up for Success

It’s already a steep climb to support yourself with a blog. There are thousands of them on the internet, which makes competing as a professional blogger challenging. That’s why choosing one of the best blog niches, one that provides unique content for specific groups of people, can give you a head start.

By creating content based on trending niches, finding the most profitable blog niches, and while also avoiding broad subject matter, you increase the chances you’ll establish a good following and also have monetization opportunities. If you’re hoping to blog for a living, these aspects are key. 🎹

In this post, we’ll explore what niches are and how they fit into the blogging industry. Then we’ll list five of the best blog niches to choose from, from popular niches to the most profitable blog niches. Let’s go! 🚶‍♂️

Understanding good, unique niches and why they’re important for blogging

In blogging, we typically think of a niche as a specific area in which a blogger specializes. Their content relates to this unique subject matter and is considered high-quality and authoritative on trending topics.

Not every blog has a unique niche, and there is some debate over whether or not a blog must stick to a specific niche in order to be profitable/popular. However, it is generally acknowledged that niche blog topics provide some useful qualities that make money and offer content guidance for beginners and advanced content creators alike.

First, a good niche narrows your blog’s content. If you decide to write about any subject that comes to mind, your blog can become somewhat chaotic, bouncing between high-demand topics and those that only a few people want to read. Visitors may struggle to make sense of what your blog is ‘about,’ and this can affect your retention rates.

Al Kavadlo blog.

On his blog, Al Kavadlo narrows the topic of fitness down to the bodyweight training niche. He also has tutorials for unconventional exercises that you won’t find in mainstream fitness publications (like this one).

Scattered subject matter also makes it more difficult to build a dedicated audience. Visitors typically make their way to popular blogs looking for information on a unique topic. If your blog covers many blog topics, it will be harder to encourage first-time readers to engage with additional posts that may not apply to their interests.

Finally, sticking to a high-demand, trending niche can help establish your credibility. Writing about niche blog topics, following one or two ideas, gives you the chance to show your knowledge. In contrast, writing broad, shallow articles with ideas and topics that readers can find anywhere, sets you up for failure.

Should you choose to pursue a unique niche, the decision isn’t one to make lightly. You’ll likely be working in this area for years, so you want your subject to be something you find interesting and enjoyable. However, it also helps if the niche blog topic already has an established audience (high demand) and opportunities that make money. 💰

For beginner bloggers who don’t know much about setting up a site, here’s how to start a niche blog with good topics:

  • Get a killer domain namea domain name or your blog name (like will cost you as low as $8 per year using Namecheap.
  • Find reliable hosting – this is the server that stores your website files, making it live online. We highly recommend Bluehost, which costs as low as $2.75 per month. Here are some other inexpensive hosting providers to consider.
  • Use a blogging platform that’s built for beginners – we suggest WordPress which is the #1 blogging platform in the world and provided as a free download (you simply have to sign up for your own hosting).

Once you put it all together, it’s rather simple to start your own blog; all you need next are some niche blog ideas and profitable topics!

Starting a blog is one of the best ideas for making money online, assuming you find a trending niche to target. And to help you with that, we created a hand-picked list of the five best blog niches to make your online business profitable, high demand, and unique in 2024. 🧑‍💼

How to find your niche

Deciding on a niche involves some soul-searching, self-evaluation, and an analysis of trending topics and the public in general.

Here are some important questions to ask for finding the popular, profitable niche that you’ll be excited about long into the future:

  • What are your passions or interests? Sports, travel, business, woodworking, gardening, interior design, fashion – they all have potential as profitable niches.
  • Are there niche blog topics you could get interested in? Just because you’ve never cooked doesn’t mean you can’t learn.
  • What are the workload and resource requirements? Travel blogging is expensive and time-consuming, but sitting at home taking pictures of food or clothing makes for a lifestyle that won’t burn you out.
  • Can you narrow down one of your interests into a sub-topic? Like gardening for urban dwellers, shopping for gluten-free people, or fashion for lanky men.
  • Do your niche blog ideas offer plentiful content options? You want to ensure you never struggle to think of ideas for blog posts.
  • Are there profitable monetization opportunities? Think affiliate marketing, advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, and course creation. Are there affiliate programs that actually pay good money? Many affiliate programs pretty much take advantage of people with their low percentages.
  • Will you have a love for this niche blog topic after you’ve written 100s of posts? Really put yourself in that mentality down the road. You also don’t want to destroy your love for a passion by turning it into a business.
  • How many other people are looking for this type of content? Keyword research helps to figure this out. Keyword research can be done using services such as SE Ranking, KWFinder, etc. 🙋

Popular niche vs less explored niche: which type should you choose?

You have two options when considering niche blog ideas:

  • Choose a popular niche with strong competition.
  • Opt for a less-explored niche with better growth potential.

Either way, we want the niche to be profitable, and it must provide opportunities for popular, trending, unique content.

So, which route should you take? Here are some thoughts on each:

👉 Choosing a larger-scale, popular niche

  • You’ll encounter far more competition.
  • This competition will most likely have stronger connections, resources, and SEO tools when you’re just starting out.
  • You won’t be able to monetize as quickly, but it has the potential for much higher profits in the future.
  • Popular niches offer plentiful content opportunities.
  • You’ll have an easier time finding sponsorships and affiliate programs.
  • You can partner with already established bloggers within the popular niche.
  • It’s sometimes easier to build a website since many theme developers cater to popular blogging niches.

👉 Choosing a less-explored niche

  • Less-explored (but still potentially profitable) blog niches give you more of a chance to focus on a passion as opposed to going with whatever is trending/popular.
  • It’s less intimidating since you’re not battling the behemoths in the space.
  • You’ll have an easier time finding success with keywords.
  • It’s much easier to grow a following.
  • You’re more likely to create extremely loyal followers, since you may be the only credible resource online for their needs.
  • You may find it a little more difficult to find sponsorships and monetization options.
  • Although making money should come earlier if you’re able to connect with the right people through marketing.
  • Content ideas should be plentiful, but you won’t have as much inspiration to pull from (since not as many people are writing about it online).

Five of the best blog niches that make money (and are great for beginners)

There’s a host of top blogging niches available for hobbyists and professionals alike. Many – if not all – of them can be profitable. Yet, overall, high-quality content and strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are more critical for a blog’s success than a unique niche.

Even so, the top blogging niches below tend to give beginners a higher likelihood of being able to live comfortably off of their blog’s revenue. We’ve compiled this list by researching which popular niches have maintained their profitability, demand, and popularity over time. In other words, you’re not going to find NFTs on this list. 😅 Sorry NFT fans, longevity in the blogging game is important.

📚 Keep reading to find the best niche blog ideas and topics for your next site!

Profitable niche blog idea #1: food

Everyone eats, so naturally, food is a popular blogging topic. Food blogging gains a fair amount of organic traffic through recipe posts. It also has the potential to let you branch out into cookbooks and tutorials. According to income reports [1], plenty of food blogs are profitable, bringing in thousands (sometimes millions) each month.

It’s a high-demand, niche blog idea, one that makes money and often thrives on trending food patterns. Sometimes we see international cuisines introduced elsewhere (remember how people in the US suddenly realized that hummus and avocados existed?). Other times, social media plays a role. For example, how everyone wanted to showcase pies and sourdough bread at the start of the Covid pandemic. In short, unique topic ideas often come naturally with food blogs.

The Pinch of Yum food site is a good example of one of the best blog niches.
Pinch of Yum is a food blog that showcases “realistic” healthy meals, focusing on shorter cooking times and affordable ingredients.

You have an even better chance of crafting a profitable blog if you choose to specialize in a particular diet; unique vegan and vegetarian blogs, for example, have an easier time building a loyal audience than more generalized food blogs, as do popular blogs related to specific food allergies.

Learn how to create a popular food blog to get started on the path to profitable content creation! 👈

Niche blog idea #2: fashion

Fashion blogs are one of the most-searched-for types of blogs on the internet [2]. Should you choose to start one, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to bring in organic traffic fairly quickly since thousands of people are looking to follow good, unique blogs in this profitable niche.

The Atlantic Pacific fashion blog.
The Atlantic-Pacific blog combines east-coast and west-coast styles to offer feminine, quirky, and classic fashion advice.

There are also good opportunities for sponsorships since you’re constantly working with branded products to research for trending, niche blog topics. You could also easily expand your brand onto other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. These platforms offer additional revenue streams and allow you to become profitable faster.

Popular niches in the fashion world vary based on the trends themselves. Fashion moves quickly, but many bloggers have found success by focusing on fashion for beginners. For example, beginner fashion for college kids, or people who just recently moved to a city. Other sub-niche ideas include fashion for people with certain hair types, heights, or body types.

Learn how to create a fashion blog with a beautiful theme, a vigor for fashion, and some popular blog topics 👈

Profitable niche blog idea #3: personal finance

Managing your money can get confusing, which might be why so many people turn to good personal finance blogs for help. And, since finance-savvy individuals usually run them, it’s not surprising that there are quite a few of these blogs are in high demand and profitable. Some make tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month [3].

The FinMasters blog covers personal finance with actionable, everyday tips that anyone can complete to improve their financial standing right now.

Finance is a popular niche that isn’t easy to just jump into. While you don’t need a formal finance-related education, you’ll at least want to have a good handle on your own money, and unique tips and tricks to share with readers.

If you’re wondering how to find a profitable niche within the finance world, it usually starts by evaluating your strengths with personal finance. From there, you need to research good blog topics, trending ideas, and specific people who may need help with unique financial situations.

For instance, the Money Under 30 blog helps young adults. Another finance blog, Get Rich Slowly, focuses on building wealth the smart way, with minimal risk. Then you have the Penny Hoarder, which taps into unique ideas to save money. It also offers at-home activities that make money, along with coupons to save in the future.

Niche blog idea #4: lifestyle

The ‘lifestyle’ blogging niche is a bit of a catch-all topic. It only requires bloggers to write about their daily lives and related topics, so lifestyle blogs don’t always stick as closely to a single topic as those in some other profitable, high-demand niches. A popular sub-group is the infamous ‘Mommy Blog’:

The Scary Mommy lifestyle site.

The Scary Mommy lifestyle blog showcases multiple contributors who share their experiences and hacks from motherhood, with advice on pregnancy, parenting, kids, lifestyle, entertainment, and relationships.

You can essentially generate a blog that chronicles your life. However, it must have some sort of pull with trending niches and an overall topic that’s fun, relatable, and useful. For example, mommy blogs, family travel blogs, or even urban living blogs tend to do well. The idea is to outline how you live your life. That often also leads to monetization opportunities, since you can showcase products or services for readers to implement in their own lives.

The mommy blog niche in particular has spawned an entire industry of its own, with vast opportunities for sponsorships and other monetization techniques. This makes sense, because as a mom blogger you can recommend anything from kitchenware to car products, to movie theaters to kids’ toys. The biggest challenge is standing out from the crowd in order to gain the unique visibility needed to grow your readership. As always, a high-demand, niche blog will help you connect with readers.

The lifestyle niche blog topic makes for a wonderful adventure, but you must have the organization to manage a wide variety of sub-topics – considering the average person does quite a bit on a day-to-day basis.

Learn how to create a lifestyle blog 👈

Best blog niches #5: blogging

As strange as it may initially seem to put “blogging” on a list of the best blog niches, blogging is actually an extremely popular, profitable topic for blogs. When you think about it, though, it actually does make a lot of sense.


Because people get into blogging because they enjoy it. So, it’s only natural that they’d like to write about the topic as well.

BloggingPro, Copyblogger and all follow similar models, catering to content creators who want to become profitable in their own unique niche. You’ll see articles about various blog topics like “starting a blog from scratch”, “unique blog post ideas”, “writing a blog post that draws attention”, and “making money with your blog”.

The BloggingPro blog.
BloggingPro is the gold standard for blogging guidance, with articles about content marketing, writing, making money, blogging platforms, and more.

Plus, when you’re already tapped into the blogging community, other blogs are an obvious resource for advice and news. This might explain why there are blogs in this niche that see more than 100,000 visitors come in through organic search [4]. It all stems from the blog owners finding trending niches within blogging and writing guides about blog topics that people are searching for.

Conclusion 🧐

Finding a niche blog idea can help you stay focused. It can also help you build a loyal audience around that niche idea. For professional bloggers this is crucial, because a loyal audience is much easier to monetize than a passive audience.

Going into one of the more popular and profitable niches could make it easier to earn a living. Newer bloggers sometimes feel intimidated because they think that the niches are already over-saturated, but in actuality, this is a good sign. It means there’s already an existing, hungry audience there. As a blogger, it is your job to tap into it by focusing on a sub-niche within the broader niche, and of course adding your own unique value to it.

To recap, the five best blog niches that we believe will give you a good shot at success are:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Personal finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Blogging

Whichever blog niche you choose, make sure it’s something that you see yourself writing about for a while, because blogging success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long game and you need to put in the work to build your audience. Good luck!

Are you going to launch your next blog focused on one of these blog niches? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to check out your blog when you get it up and running.

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