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5 Reasons to Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts Right Now

Wondering why you should repurpose old blog posts?

Well first of all, as a blogger, it’s inevitable to run out of content ideas. Additionally, you might become so busy maintaining your website that you won’t have time to research and write new articles.

Fortunately, you can refresh previous content to keep a consistent posting schedule. When you repurpose blog posts, you can increase your organic traffic while ensuring that your audience receives relevant information.

In this post, we’ll dive heavy into five reasons why you should consider repurposing your old posts. Let’s get started!

1. Expand your audience

Posting consistently and frequently is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience. By simply refreshing old articles, you can avoid the effort of designing original content for every post.

Additionally, the original post might not have reached many viewers. Alternatively, it could be causing high bounce rates due to poor readability or lack of relevant information. Although this underperformance can be disappointing, there’s no need to abandon the content.

If you already have a well-researched blog post, you might just need to restructure it to make it more readable. For instance, you could break up long paragraphs of text and keep sentences short. On the other hand, old posts can have outdated information, so you might need to update links and add relevant data.

Instead of creating a new post, you can convert old content into a different format. Using a tool such as Lumen5, you can automatically generate a video from blog posts:

Converting posts into videos can make your content more accessible than articles. Plus, you can increase organic traffic to your blog by sharing these clips on social media or YouTube.

2. Keep your posts relevant

Due to the rise of social media, many people prefer to consume information from short videos or images. If you want your content to start generating conversions, consider repurposing blog posts into interactive media.

To do this, you can create infographics for updated blog posts. Once you ensure that all your statistics are current and relevant, you can use Canva’s infographic maker to summarize this information:

Whether your post provides key tips about business, skincare advice, or important grammar rules, you can find an infographic template that meets your needs. You can then customize its color, font, graphics, and animations. After you add information from your post, you can share the infographic on social media.

Alternatively, you can use old content in a new email marketing campaign. Breaking up long posts into a series of emails can make information more digestible for your readers. Plus, you can avoid having to write emails from scratch.

3. Boost your search rankings

Your old blog posts may promote the wrong keywords, which can negatively affect your search rankings. By tweaking your content, you can boost your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When you repurpose blog posts to improve SEO, it’s best to look for evergreen content that can continue to rank in searches, no matter when it was published. Then, you’ll want to make sure to update the keywords, links, and meta description.

If you’re not sure which keywords to use, Ahrefs is one of the best tools for bloggers to view search volumes, top-ranking pages, and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) metrics. You can also analyze the amount of competition for specific keywords:

Ahrefs also gives you a list of related keywords for your niche. By implementing keywords with lower competition but high search volumes, you can boost the visibility of old blog posts. You can also perform a competitor analysis to identify keyword gaps and start ranking higher than other blogs in your niche.

4. Build authority and credibility

Often, repurposing content can give your website more visibility. If you optimize your keywords or completely transform written posts into videos, you can expand your reach and become an authority in your niche.

You might think that visitors will become annoyed if you consistently discuss a certain topic. However, frequently sharing your knowledge can help you come across as a credible source. Plus, you can seem more trustworthy if you’re constantly updating information on your blog.

When you publish new content, you can also increase brand awareness. After someone gains valuable information from your post, they’re more likely to recognize your blog when it comes up in other search results. This means that visitors are more likely to return to your site.

5. Reinforce your message

One of the oldest marketing concepts is the rule of seven. This suggests that people need to see products seven times before they’re convinced to make a purchase. Similarly, you can repurpose old blog posts to reinforce your message and reassure visitors about your credibility.

Although you might not be selling a product, it can take time for your audience to trust and value the information you give them. After viewers read the same content in different formats, they may start to view your blog as a reliable source.

One way to reinforce your message is to take one comprehensive post and break it down into multiple pieces of content. For example, a mom blog might create a series of posts for every pregnancy trimester:

This can help you to slowly introduce a topic to your readers, rather than giving them a long-winded post to read. As a bonus, publishing a series can allow each post to rank for smaller keywords. Adding internal links to other posts in the series can also help you boost your website’s search rankings.


Repurposing old blog posts can be an effective way to scale your website without neglecting your audience. By simply converting a post into an infographic or video, you can give your audience more valuable information without writing an entirely new post.

To review, here are the top five reasons you should consider repurposing your old blog posts:

  1. Expand your audience.
  2. Keep your posts relevant.
  3. Boost your search rankings.
  4. Gain authority and credibility.
  5. Reinforce your message.

Now that you understand the benefits of repurposing your blog posts, you should take a look at our list of tips to get faster results from blogging. These will give you additional ideas on how to grow your blog.

John Hughes


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