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10 Best YouTube Channels for Side Hustle Ideas

Looking for the best YouTube channels for side hustle ideas?

You’re in the right place!

Bloggers often fall into a seemingly endless loop. Some wish to grow their blog exponentially, but sometimes it’s nearly impossible without hiring extra help.

What if you can’t afford these expenses, though?

This may force you to do everything on your own, which then leads to burnout and discouragement over time.

Thankfully, you can pick from a wide range of side hustle ideas to help supplement your income and put it to good use (such as growing that blog much more efficiently).

For this reason, today’s article explores the best YouTube channels for side hustle ideas and general freelancing ventures.

📚 Table of contents:

Nick Loper

I love the fact that Nick Loper covers a variety of traditional and odd gigs. This ensures no one is left behind, especially if you’re a creative who’s hungry for experimentation.

Here you’ll find videos on becoming a virtual assistant, flipping items on Amazon, and even starting a dog “poop scooping” service. Hey, whatever works, right?

Nick also runs the very successful Side Hustle Nation blog, where he often provides exclusive content not available elsewhere. Great place to start for aspiring and veteran hustlers alike.

Mark Tilbury

Mark Tilbury focuses on extreme side hustling, for lack of a better term. He explains how to make tens of thousands of dollars as opposed to mere hundreds, often looking into little-known ways to leverage your time the smart way.

One example is his love for creating passive income, as he regularly discusses in his videos. By starting just one passive venture, this theoretically frees up your time to look into other ideas (while still growing your previous one with virtual assistants, for instance).

All in all, Mark is a self-made millionaire whose wisdom is undoubtedly worth following. Just be prepared to put some work into your craft if you want to reach real levels of success.

Reyes the Entrepreneur

Best YouTube Channels for Side Hustle Ideas

I’ve been following Reyes for a while, and the first thing you’ll notice is his complete devotion to his work and the ambition to succeed with every side hustle available.

The second thing you’ll notice is his friendliness, as Reyes is incredibly transparent and blatantly tells everything that’s worked along with every mistake he’s made….all for the sake of saving you time and money.

Reyes has previously explored vending machine businesses and even dumpster diving without shame, just to name a few. I suggest you go all the way back to his very first video and keep absorbing his knowledge from there.

Mission Side Hustle

Ever wanted to flip old furniture to help pay the bills? Or what about leveraging food delivery services like Uber Eats? Even better, maybe you’d like to use the Craigslist “Free” section to find FREE stuff and sell them at your own garage sale…

Whatever you’ve wanted to do, chances are Mission Side Hustle has already done it. And they have a lot of knowledge to spread so that you don’t make any rookie mistakes in the process.

This channel only started in December 2019 and has already grown to over 25,000 followers as of February 2021. So as you can imagine, YouTube itself has also become its own side hustle thanks to that sweet AdSense money.

Walter Blake Knoblock

Walter Blake is an expert at flipping things for a healthy margin. He also understands that some items may take a while to sell if they’re not wildly popular.

However, that type of patience (and faith) has made him thousands of dollars over time while having tons of fun in the process.

One of his videos showed him spending $100 on a thrift store and he estimated to earn about $368 in profit, for example. He’s definitely the guy to check out if your main interest involves arbitrage and flipping all kinds of items in general.


Meg enjoys trying most things at least once (dropshipping, print-on-demand-services, delivering food, and much more).

She started out as a complete newbie, not knowing how much she would earn or lose from trying so many hustle ideas.

Today she’s quite the expert and continues to take risks so you don’t have to, and that’s the main reason you should check out her videos.

Reezy Resells

YouTube channels for side hustle ideas

Reezy focuses on flipping items while also exploring services like food delivery and online ventures like Kindle book publishing.

Something this channel does very well is knowing how to buy the right items from dollar stores and thrift stores in general. This is a huge skill to learn, as virtually anyone has access to these stores but not everyone knows how to use them the right way.

Otherwise, he occasionally interviews successful hustlers and picks their brain on things he’s potentially interested in. Very informative YouTube channel, overall.

Honorable Mentions

Charlie Chang

From Amazon FBA to making money on YouTube to selling online courses, Charlie Chang focuses primarily on marketing and scaling things up. I highly recommend his video on 8 side hustles to make extra money from home.

Franklin Hatchett

Like Charlie Chang, this highly successful hustler focuses more on marketing and starting your own side business. That said, he periodically dives into various hustling ideas such as dropshipping and creating your own products.

The Break

This channel owner is already pretty successful (I believe she’s rich, actually). But this gal still loves to explore ways in which anyone can make money, even those with little capital to invest. She also interviews and dissects other people’s ideas to learn how they became successful.

Willing to Work on the Side?

As you can see, there are tons of things you can actually do for extra cash. This is especially useful as a way to grow your blog by hiring contributors or other virtual assistants.

Everything is an investment; it’s all about making the best of your time and the resources around you.

And as I’ve said before, every blogger should have a YouTube channel. This can then turn into yet another source of income while simultaneously growing your blog.

Hopefully you’ll get some good inspiration from these YouTube channels for side hustle ideas and implement them on your own. If you want some additional help with monetizing your blog, check out our guides on how to make money with your blog and how to find affiliate programs for your blog.


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