About - Softwool


We are an indie development collective, created by four friends in 🇧🇷 to release our games under a common name: Softwool

how we work

At this moment, Cauê is the only one of us who can be almost full-time working in the games for our Patrons.


You can support us and by $3 you get a key for each game we make in a "subscription" model. Our mid-term goal is to release new games each 3 months.

who we are


full-time software engineer and open sourcerer, trying to make softwool financially viable


can make an entire game in hours, and they look better than ours. he created our first release (PISTOLA)


made our cute sheep logo and one of softwool's founders, but due to lack of time and money can't create games right now


game jam psycho, appears with some cool gifs every now and then