About - Softwool


We are an early-stage indie development studio from 🇧🇷, with the goal to live from our passion keeping the creative decisions to us. This is Softwool


Up to the end of 2022, Cauê was the only one of us who was working almost full-time in the games for our Patrons.

Early 2023 we started a new approach by working as a real studio rather than a collective, on one project at a time and raising the bar for its quality while still doing what we enjoy.


You can support us on Patreon and by $3 you get a key for each game we make in a "subscription" model. Our mid-term goal is to release new games each 4 months. The team is currently working on Torecower.

The team

Gabriel 🌈

Administration Druid

Cuca 🌻

Tech Magician

Cauê 🦅

Typing Enjoyer

Nanai 🌷

Community Manager