What is this?

We are a group of four independent game developers working as a team under a single name (Softwool) to publish our games. Here's a few information about us and how can you support us!


Cauê: the person which changes engine more than his clothes. Currently working on PISTOLA.

Cuca: maker of this page. Making games for more than 10 years and still no commercial release.

Gabriel: creator of our cute pink sheep. Likes horror games, where are his?

ThornDuck: known for winning multiple times the same jam. Is it a scam?


Right now, Cauê is working hard in our first game, PISTOLA, which you can already add in your wishlist on Steam.

Next game: PISTOLA


Right now, I (Cuca) am the responsible for every financial needs (such as the $100 for release on Steam). We have a goal to have at least enough money to finance our game developments needs, which is how you can support us.